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You are personally concerned, probably, as this thing called diabetes once got you.
Or because it caught your children. Or your spouse, your friend, maybe another beloved or honored one.

Diabetes live is not about theories. It´s about you. About everything you may want to dig out from more
than 1.35 billion seconds that I´ve experienced with the perils and chances of diabetes.

I am not a diabetologist or any other kind of professional, trying to conceive the subject.

I live type 1 diabetes.

You are living a permanent challenge far out of the ordinary, which only you may understand. In theory.
In practice, you don´t really understand as well. The reason is that you are forced to imitate nature´s perfection with the only assistance of rather primitive chemical and technical appliances. No chance to manage that in real perfection. Not for you, not for your diabetologist or diabetes educators. However,
you can – and you will – come to terms with it in the best possible way.

My concern is to be on your side in doing so. With my heart and mind. With knowledge and news.

I am glad that you´re here. Welcome to Mister T1D @ Diabetes live!

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Read about and benefit from the very personal 24/7/365 experiences of a 42+ years´ T1D
hypo and hyper surfer ~ gain information ~ enjoy inspiration ~ let us share our knowledge!

Let us surf the T1D hypo & hyper waves together!


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