Category: They Care about the Cure

A cure for Type 1 Diabetes has never been a realistic thought. Never. Until now.

After an apparently deep sleep of the international explorer´s and developer´s community for decades, the awakening seems to happen. Real, serious approaches for the cure of Type 1 Diabetes are overwhelming us just now from all over the world. You will get exemplary insights into these new exciting developments on this page. There are more and more. Stay curious, stay tuned.

Caring about the Cure: Joslin, USA

Their vision: “A world free of diabetes and its complications” What they DO: “A unique research collaboration” to find a solution for “The 3 R´s”: Reset the immune system by eliminating the destructive T cells Regulate the immune system so that it stops producing T cells Regenerate the body´s natural islet cells Let them explain …

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