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Dec 07

The Needle Free Song

A great American intitative. Needle Free Song. Europe is listening to. From now on. Two wonderful American singers, Nashville’s Country singer Amanda Jo and American Idol contestant Adam Lasher, perform the Needle Free song. Both are living the daily Type 1 Diabetes challenge, so: both know exactly what they sing about. The song was written …

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Nov 18

Caring about the Cure: Joslin, USA

Their vision: “A world free of diabetes and its complications” What they DO: “A unique research collaboration” to find a solution for “The 3 R´s”: Reset the immune system by eliminating the destructive T cells Regulate the immune system so that it stops producing T cells Regenerate the body´s natural islet cells   ” Let …

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Feb 27

How to Explain Diabetes to your Child

Your child has diabetes? You don´t really know how to explain what is going on? Watch this very nice video. It may help. can’t be loaded: What is Type 1 diabetes? A children’s guide | Diabetes UK ( Many thanks to Diabetes UK for this little masterpiece. Written, produced and directed by Siobhan …

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Jan 21

You are Type 1 Diabetic ~ You can Surf the World

You´re able to surf your hypo & hyper waves ~ day and night… so, no reason to worry about common “problems”, as you´re solving real serious ones every minute… You are Type 1 Diabetic ~ You can Surf the World Made with ♡ in Germany

Jan 19

Continuous glucose control with tattoos

Sleepy Europe… While we are actually enforced to discuss the clear sense of using CGMS* and FGMS* with bureaucrats in Germany and Europe, the Americans do something else: They. Just. Act. A good idea: Continuous glucose control with simple tattoos Here: Information at a glance (with sample picture) Here: Information for medical ambitious ones (with …

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Dec 26

The job of a type 1 diabetic, part 2

It´s similar with the CSII and pump. But completely different. I am a pump user since two and a half years and wrote about my motivation for switching from the pen with ICT* to the pump with CSII* and its first, wonderful results for me in my article 40 years Hypo & Hyper Surfer. It´s …

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Dec 19

The job of a type 1 diabetic, part 1

Assess, anticipate, calculate… and don´t forget to feel. How do you manage what hardworking beta cells and several factors manage unnoticed by you in your body if you were not a type 1 diabetic… As a pen and ICT user you do it approximately like this: You inject basal insulin that provides the basic care …

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Nov 28

40 years Hypo & Hyper Surfer

40 years of diabetes… that’s perhaps a bit of a lie. Or maybe not. I’m not sure if it caught me just before Easter in the year ’74 or ’75. Doesn´t matter. I guess, most of you can not deal with such primeval annual figures anyway. One thing is certain: I was not a mister …

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Nov 28

Mister T1D | About

Salut! I am Klaus. Mister T1D in diabetes realms. I have been a type 1 diabetic since childhood. That means: for an enormous amount of months. You may read my 40 years diabetes story here. I am presenting myself as being diabetic here on Diabetes live. Sharing my experience and my curiosity about the new …

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