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Salut! I am Klaus. Mister T1D in diabetes realms.

I have been a type 1 diabetic since childhood. That means: for an enormous amount of months. You may read my 40 years diabetes story here.

I am presenting myself as being diabetic here on Diabetes live. Sharing my experience and my curiosity about the new things happening in the diabetes world. This site is especially about type 1 diabetes. I sincerely include my invitation to you as a diabetic of another type to take part, to read and to share as well.

I am not defining myself by common basic personal data. Anyway, if you want to read some:

  • Born in West Berlin, living in Westphalia for decades
  • So: German, with a vita slightly touched by French, as well as by American and English influences – which does not mean that my English is perfect, as you may have noticed already ;-)
  • Formerly specialized author, editor-in-chief, communications manager, marketing and pr director, living the employee´s life
  • Self-employed marketing professional and entrepreneur´s coach for more than fifteen years, expert for focusing entrepreneurs and positioning their companies and its communications.

I define myself by the things I love. I love: Beauty:

  • The beauty of bright, creative, empathetic, curious and open-minded people
  • The beauty of strength, of weakness… and of style
  • The beauty of timeless design, nature, art, music and video art.

I think and feel pictorially and first of all in music. Therefore, I´ll present music and music videos here also,
to express my feelings on diabetes. You don´t have to do that… however: you can if you wish.

I´m really glad that you´re here. Stay curious ~ and stay tuned.

If you´d like to get in touch: here!

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