The Needle Free Song

A great American intitative. Needle Free Song. Europe is listening to. From now on.


Two wonderful American singers, Nashville’s Country singer Amanda Jo and American Idol contestant
Adam Lasher, perform the Needle Free song. Both are living the daily Type 1 Diabetes challenge, so:
both know exactly what they sing about.

The song was written by Dr. Mack Harrell, immediate past-president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), and passionate endocrinologist Dr. Claresa Levetan, former member of the AACE
board of directors She is also founder of Perle Bioscience, a company which seriously cares about insulin independance.

This is not a song only.
It is a fantastic initiave, initially targeted at American diabetics. From now on, Europe is listening to, as well.

You´ll be informed about  the approach and efforts of Perle Bioscience soon. “Needle free” is not about a relief from syringes or pens only. Pumps are “needle devices”, too. It is about taking two pills only. Clinical trials are ongoing. In Italy! Stay tuned. Here at Diabetes live, your type 1 diabetes site.


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