T1D Life | Full-Time Job

This is about the T1D 24/7/365 full-time job
and about living with ICT or CSII, with pen or pump.


T1D = Type 1 Diabetes
ICT = Intensified conventional therapy, CSII = Continuous subcutaneous infusion


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Explain Diabetes to your Child

Your child has diabetes? You don´t really know how to explain what is going on? Watch this very nice video. It may help.   http://youtu.be/blkP18iawjEVideo can’t be loaded: What is Type 1 diabetes? A children’s guide | Diabetes UK (http://youtu.be/blkP18iawjE) Many thanks to Diabetes UK for this little masterpiece. Written, produced and directed by Siobhan …

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The job of a type 1 diabetic, part 1

Assess, anticipate, calculate… and don´t forget to feel. How do you manage what hardworking beta cells and several factors manage unnoticed by you in your body if you were not a type 1 diabetic… As a pen and ICT user you do it approximately like this: You inject basal insulin that provides the basic care …

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The job of a type 1 diabetic, part 2

It´s similar with the CSII and pump. But completely different. I am a pump user since two and a half years and wrote about my motivation for switching from the pen with ICT* to the pump with CSII* and its first, wonderful results for me in my article 40 years Hypo & Hyper Surfer. It´s …

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