T1D Life | Full-Time Job

This is about the T1D 24/7/365 full-time job and about living with ICT or CSII, pen or pump.

T1D = Type 1 Diabetes
ICT = Intensified conventional therapy
CSII = Continuous subcutaneous infusion

How to Explain Diabetes to your Child

Your child has diabetes? You don´t really know how to explain what is going on? Watch this very nice video. It may help.   Many thanks to Diabetes UK for this little masterpiece. Written, produced and directed by Siobhan McVeigh Clinical advisor Diabetes UK: Libby Dowling Child: Pacha Ann Green Lightball & cell wall: Jude …

The job of a type 1 diabetic, part 1

Assess, anticipate, calculate… and don´t forget to feel. How do you manage what hardworking beta cells and several factors manage unnoticed by you in your body if you were not a type 1 diabetic… As a pen and ICT user you do it approximately like this: You inject basal insulin that provides the basic care …

The job of a type 1 diabetic, part 2

It´s similar with the CSII and pump. But completely different. I am a pump user since two and a half years and wrote about my motivation for switching from the pen with ICT* to the pump with CSII* and its first, wonderful results for me in my article 40 years Hypo & Hyper Surfer. It´s …