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The job of a type 1 diabetic, part 2

It´s similar with the CSII and pump. But completely different.

I am a pump user since two and a half years and wrote about my motivation for switching from the pen with ICT* to the pump with CSII* and its first, wonderful results for me in my article 40 years Hypo & Hyper Surfer. It´s not wonderful anymore. It is and will stay just good only.

Your options as a pump user are more flexible than with pen and ICT. Which means that you can adjust easier and faster to current circumstances. This in turn leads to everything that a better setting obviously may offer: better state of health, better performance, possibly decrease of existing complaints and probably a longer life.

The pump application is more demanding than a diabetic life “only” determined by diet, healthy eating and lifestyle, and ICT with pen usage.

In terms of the calculation circus you have to care about the base and bolus doses with the pump as well.

For your boluses you have to put in the same effort as for the ICT – see part 1 of this article. Good to know that the pump software can support you. The ICT device, the pen, supports nothing. The pen only sticks.
The pump can take away a small portion of your mental work described in part 1. If you want to.

Your basic primary care is not controlled by one to three stitches per day, but based on one or more basal rate profiles. In these profiles, you determine how much insulin you need per time unit, that is, for example, half an hour. The pump injects the specified amounts then in smallest units 24 hours a day into your body.

The definition of your first basal rate profile is an enormous task. You have the possibility to define more profiles then based on your first set later. You´ll do that for example if you want to set up a sporting holiday or on particularly chilly times. This can be done very easily.

Now it’s getting personal

If you are an ICT user still and you are dealing with a possible transition to the CSII or if you want to know your child to be supported by the pump, or if you are just interested and want to see the difference between ICT and CSII basic settings clearly, then I´d like to introduce my current personal setting basic scheme to you.

As I am German, this personal scheme is in German… doesn´t matter at all to you, as you don`t have to look at the individual values shown, because yours will be entirely different, those of your child as well. To be considered as well that single values can be and are changed often, a possibility being part of the flexibility of a pump system. Just look at all these parameters which you will set at the beginning with serious testing efforts. Don´t let that put you off, but remember that many screws mean highest flexibility and responsiveness for a variety of circumstances. And, if this basis is set once, everything else will be just fine tuning in your everyday life. Fine tuning is a part of life with the ICT as well, so you know about that. It is just easier and faster with the pump in its implementation and impact.

You are looking at the 24/7/365 working keyboard of a type 1 diabetic. You are looking at mine.

Setting parameters are time unit (in my case the half hour, so 48 time units for the day), the basic injection amount in steps of 0.05 per time unit as well as CI (= carbohydrates/insulin) ratio and the correction factor in steps of 1.00.

If you are one of these number fetishists mentioned in part 1, you are welcome to calculate how much possibilities for a personal setting this can result in total.

This is how it looks like in a summarising overview:

Basalprofil personal

Important: I recommend either CSII, nor the personal setting data shown. I recommend nothing here. Not for you or anyone else. The therapy decision is always solely your decision, supported by professional help of your diabetes experts. I only illustrate the complexity and possible flexibility of the CSII method towards simpler and more rigid ways, as for example the ICT.

* ICT = Intensified conventional therapy, CSII = Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion

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